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We completed and delivered the Razan motor yacht project in July 2017! The motoryacht entertainment system, which consists of independent audio and video systems, is gathered in a single center, and there are only bluray and televisions in the cabins and lounges. There is uninterrupted network access throughout the motor yacht via wired and wireless network infrastructure.

Uninterrupted internet access is provided by a modem/router with a Wi-Fi signal catcher and 4 GSM card slots, as well as VSAT antennas. Internet access and bandwidth of the independent wireless networks created for the crew, boat owner and guests can be easily adjusted via the central firewall. It is possible to transmit audio and video from all venues via airplay.

Apple iPad Mini works as Remote Controller in each Cabin.

Bluray players are multi-region, it is possible to play all CDs, DVDs and Bluray discs, regardless of where in the world they were purchased. It is also possible to listen to the music on your USB cartridge or hard disk by connecting it to the USB input of the bluray player and controlling it via iPad.

With the underwater lighting system provided by the UWL company, all interior and exterior lighting is controlled via the Crestron automation system via keypads in the cabins or iPads.

According to our latest news, Razan won awards for both her motor yacht and lighting design at the Monaco yacht show!