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Magico was created to reform loudspeaker design and construction practices that have been compromising music reproduction for decades. The Magico company researches everything and stops at nothing to build the most advanced loudspeakers available today – speakers that reveal the true character of music, win the highest critical honors and earn the gratitude of music lovers worldwide.

Magico Audio Products


Magico M2 Magico’s materials science research in the properties and applications of carbon allows the

Magico S3 (2023)

Magico’s flagship loudspeaker, the incomparable M9, was as much a tour de forceengineering exercise as

Magico ASUB

Whether in music or movie soundtracks – the rhythmic beat of deep powerful bass resonates

Magico A5

The new A5 is a flagship A-Series model (3 way / 5 driver design) which

Magico A1

The A1 bookshelf loudspeaker features a fully braced aluminum enclosure, beryllium dome tweeter, carbon Nanographene