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Audio, Video and Lighting Automation

Audio, Video and Lighting Automation In this short video, you can watch the operation of the automation system we implemented on the Sequel P motoryacht. On the motor yacht, Lutron was used for lighting panels and switches, and Crestron was used as the control system. LED and halogen spotlights are used for lighting throughout the […]


CITRONIC The Citronic brand, which has passed its 40th anniversary, features both DJ and P.A. There are also assertive models and affordable products. Your title Your title Your title Your data Your data Your data Your data Your data Your data Your data Your data Your footer Your footer Your footer CDM10:4 (MKV) 19” 4 […]

M/Y Razan

We completed and delivered the Razan motor yacht project in July 2017! The motoryacht entertainment system, which consists of independent audio and video systems, is gathered in a single center, and there are only bluray and televisions in the cabins and lounges. There is uninterrupted network access throughout the motor yacht via wired and wireless […]


STEREOPHİLE: M2 John Atkinson’s Magico M2 review, published in Stereophile magazine on January 24, gives striking details about both the speaker and Magico’s design philosophy. For Stereophile Review please click here, for Turkish version click here. ”You can access a beautiful video shot in 2018, explaining what kind of R&D and production phase Magico speakers […]



Magico Q5 – Jonathan Valin, TAS

MAGICO SPEAKERS MAGICO M2 Tüm Magico modellerinde olduğu gibi M2’nin de basları kapalı kutuda, Art Dudley’in Kasım 2019 Listening sütununda da belirttiği gibi ”bu tip hoparlörlere artık çok nadir rastlanıyor”. Magico M2, John Atkinson – Stereophile*

Pass Labs INT-250

Pass Labs INT-250 The INT-250 integrated amplifier, just like its brother the INT-60, incorporates the synergy developed for the .8 series amplifiers. What distinguishes the INT-250 is that it offers a listening pleasure of 250 watts per channel. With more powerful and more MOSFETs, the INT-250 drives large, difficult and relatively insensitive speakers without blinking, […]


VİVA SOLİSTA MKIII Solista can be finished in almost endless colours. VİVA SOLİSTA MKIII Solista can be finished in almost endless colours. Previous slide Next slide Description Technical Specifications Description You can personalize your Solista to match your interior. Don’t be fooled by its 22W output power per channel. Solista is an outstanding single-ended amplifier […]

Fusion F22

The new Black Ice Audio F22 is a state-of-the-art stereo tube integrated amplifier sporting a new breakthrough circuit design by Jim Fosgate – that includes touch sensors, LEDs, and a look that wants attention. The dual chassis design is laced with carbon fiber and mirror-finished glass panels decked out with LED back lit touch sensors, that […]