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Magico S3-2023

A great review and comment from JV: Here is a truly greatt dynamic loudspeaker that competes with the twice as expensive competition from stalwarts like Stenheim, Estelon, Wilson, Acora, Rockport, and Magico itself. The S3 2023 will not only join my small select group of reference speakers; because of its incredible value for dollar, it […]

dCS Expanse

Expanse Enhanced headphone listening dCS’s proprietary signal processing platform reimagines how sound is optimised for headphones. Available with the dCS Lina, Bartók and Rossini series, it uses a unique processing method to bring the headphone experience closer to the live studio event. While more people than ever are now listening to music on headphones, most […]

Shunyata EURO GEMINI Model-4

A long time waited product from Shunyata! EURO GEMINI Model-4 The EURO GEMINI Model-4 is the perfect choice for headphone systems or high-performance audio-video setups with four or fewer components. Its onboard Chassis Grounding System complements the patented NIC chambers and multi-stage filtering capability, delivering unparalleled noise reduction. By deploying the GEMINI as your power […]

Magico TITAN 15

Whether listening to the lowest pipe organ note at Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City or the earthshaking steps of a dinosaur in the movie Jurassic Park- the TITAN 15 is designed to reproduce low frequency sounds with realistic force and energy. Setting a new benchmark in powered subwoofer design, the TITAN 15 features a sophisticated […]

Shunyata cables are on test!

11 Aralık 2015 – Shunyata Research press release: Shunyata Research recently received an unusual invitation. This invitation from one of America’s best Electrophysiology laboratories, the Minneapolis Heart Institute, gave Shunyata the opportunity to measure the effects of its products on site. Chief Physician Dr. was aware that Shunyata Research products were successfully used in the […]